Engage in a host of activities to improve your physical, mental, and nutritional wellbeing to enhance your health and get rewarded for it.

App Features

fiTSEA manages your physical, mental, and nutritional health through a mobile app that allows you to engage in and track a wide range of activities. It's a gamified approach that rewards you for reaching activity milestones.

Physical activity tracker

Keep track of your physical activity, such as walking

Nutrition management

Create a food diary to monitor your diet and manage your nutrition

Mood detector

Find out what's on your mind and how you're feeling right now

Mental health indicator

Know what your mental health is telling you

Burn to Earn

Redeem well-coins and reward yourself to make up for all of your efforts

Improve your wellbeing quotient

Watch well-being videos that are both educational and entertaining

Get others on fitSea. Get Well-Coins

Earn 10 well-coins by inviting 5 of your friends to join

Team up to challenge others

Create teams and compete with your friends and family

Connect with Global
Wellness Brands

Get a chance to connect with certified service providers from all over the world

Connecting to Well-being experts:

Get connected to well-being experts and meet your mental, physical and nutritional well-being goals.

How it works

Simple. Just download the app. Track your activities. Compete. Get rewarded. Redeem.

  • Download the fiTSEA App from Google Play Store or App Store

  • Track your daily routine

  • Create teams on fiTSEA App

  • Reedem well-coins

How does it help Users?

Make a healthy living a part of the culture

  • fiTSEA promotes long-term lifestyle changes

  • Maintain physical and mental well-being

  • Examine your current fitness levels

  • Personalised programmes

  • Well-being experts to help users achieve wellbeing
    goals through group or individual sessions

Our wellbeing program

  • Mental wellbeing

    Evidence-based tools will help you take care of your mental health.

  • Physical wellbeing

    Stay active, stay healthy and win rewards for your efforts. Cheers to a healthy lifestyle.

  • Nutritional wellbeing

    Develop mindful eating habits over time, stay energetic and happy all day.


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How to book wellbeing sessions?

How to request for a new item in food diary?

How to input in food diary?

fiTSEA - Wellbeing Simplified

How to connect to your Google Fit

fiTSEA for Corporate firms

Is your firm facing

  • Low employee engagement?

  • Challenge in creating a lively work environment?

  • Employees complaining about high stress levels?

  • Employee Productivity issues?

  • High absenteeism?

  • Problems in teamwork?

  • Lack of communication among employees?

  • Low confidence levels?

Improve your employee wellbeing and see a positive change in your business

Partner brands

We are very happy to partner with these top brands in cycling fitness, health, sustainable lifestyle and these are receiving great love from our cyclists across India

Would you like to associate with fitSea?


selfless mother of two, aspiring role model of health for her family

Projek111 yang telah di lancarkan oleh Fitsea ini telah menjadi motivasi bagi saya untuk melatih diri agar lebih berdisiplin dan mementingkan kesihatan fizikal dan emosi.Program ini juga menyediakan khidmat konsultasi pemakanan dan pengambilan nutrien yang seimbang untuk badan saya. Saya juga dapat melakukan aktiviti fizikal bersama anak - anak disamping mengejar masa didalam pertandingan Projek 111 ini. Selain menjaga kesihatan badan, ia juga membantu membina minda yang sihat menerusi webinar online yang dibahas oleh pakar yang bertauliah.


ex- breakfast skipper, now believes in the importance of a healthy breakfast

Overall, I strongly believe that Project 111 has created a positive impact in the well-being of our employees. We received many great positive comments and the progressive reports were impressive as well. The app created a fun and motivating environment for our employees while nurturing a great mental well-being. We noticed that the engagement level of our employees were increasing tremendously and the way the team set-up was done in the app, created a healthy competitive environment among our employees. We look forward to sign up with FitSea in the near future for more exciting programmes.


found it difficult to incorporate healthy lifestyle changes with her demanding workload, now knows 10% better is a good start

After joining Project 111 with fiTSEA, the change I have seen for me is that I have become more consistent to do some exercise. I feel I have improved in my daily workouts and it has helped a lot with my health. Especially when I climb up the stairs, I previously found that by the second or third floor I would be breathless. Now, I feel it has improved. In terms of my nutritional health, the individual nutrition counselling has helped give me a lot of advice to understand and practice nutrition information. I can now recognize nutrients and what foods are healthy and nutritious.


started off unsure of importance of food groups, can now fully explain the different macronutrients, it's importance and examples

Project 111 is a good platform that provides us a lot of knowledge in improving our mental health and wellbeing. We have attended workshops on nutrition and mental health and this has helped me learn a lot especially from the nutrition session that provides personalized recommendations based on our daily nutrition intake. It was such a great project to be involved in.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is wellbeing?

    Typically, one equates health to the term ‘wellness’. Wellness and wellbeing have always been used interchangeably, when in fact, they are different. Wellness encompasses only physical fitness however, wellbeing is a holistic concept of physical and mental health.

  • Wellbeing habits can be developed by carefully practicing well guided activities towards a defined end result. Adopting wellness practices can create a positive impact on your life in many ways, from making you healthier and more physically fit to improving your self-esteem.

    Through our fiTSEA app, you will join many others in your journey towards wellbeing. The app will guide you towards slowly improving your daily physical activity, better nutrition habits, improved sleep quality and better moods and awareness of mental health.

    Should you also need support from qualified health professionals, fiTSEA’s wellbeing experts are at your service

  • Based on your weight, height and level of activity, the app will display your BMI. If your BMI is high, indicating overweight or obesity, we do encourage you to work towards losing weight. However, since BMI is only a guide, it is up to you to decide your own health goals. Ultimately, weight loss does not have to be a common goal, as long as you practice sustainable healthy habits, you are on the right track with fiTSEA.

  • Some Facts About Employees in Malaysia

    • 91% of employees do not consume a balanced diet
    • 46% of Malaysian employees exercise less than 150 min/week
    • 32% of employees have diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol
    • 29% have mental health issues

    Many teams within large organizations are facing an uphill task managing employee well-being and engagement issues, even more after COVID 19 hit.

    • since 2019 symptoms of anxiety has tripled from 8.1% to 25.5%
    • Symptoms of depression have quadrupled 6.5% to 24.3%
    • 51% of employees have complained of worse mental health

    The solution to this situation is sustainable lifestyle changes to achieve holistic well-being.

  • Step 1: Enable your bluetooth and location

    Step 2: Wait a few seconds, and click on the watch button

    Step 3: Search for the fitness tracker (the code will be written on your watch on the last option) and click to connect

    Step 4: The app will then ask to restart your phone to enable this connection.

    Step 5: You are ready to use the app and the fitness tracker

  • No, to use the app, only your bluetooth needs to be turned on. You can then use all the app functions except that your updated steps will not be synced to the app. To do so, turn on your location, wait a few seconds and refresh.

  • Go to the Home page and drag down the page to refresh.

  • To make sure your phone is continuously updating information from the watch, remember to turn on your bluetooth and location. If this does not work, you may log out and log in again or restart your mobile device.

  • Based on the sign up information such as weight, height and physical activity factor, we calculate your health risk and BMI and recommend weight gain, weight maintenance or weight loss. We handle the math by using a set of formulas and provide you your daily calorie limit with the recommended macronutrient distribution for healthy eating.

    Disclaimer: BMI is being used as a basis to predict obesity-related morbidity and mortality in adults, however, it does not distinguish between weight associated with muscle and fat. Please consult your physician for personalized medical advice if you have a medical condition and/or is on medication.

  • Currently, FitSEA allows tracking of the macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), total calories and water intake only. As this app is targeted towards corporate employees, we do not deem it necessary to look deeper into micronutrient intake as of now, rather focus on general healthy principles as a primary concern.

  • Go to 'My Diet' and choose the meal you would like to key the food item in. Search for the food item at the bottom of the page. Tap on + to add a matching search result and take note of the serving size. Adjust the serving size to match how much of that item you have consumed. Tap add to.. once confirmed

  • If the food you are looking for is not found, you may click on the 'Request for new food item' at the bottom of the search page. Our team will do our best to include them in the database as soon as possible. In the meantime, you may search for similar food items and choose an option that is the closest to the one consumed.

  • You can click on 'Report Food' at the bottom of the food item screen and provide your feedback. We will work to provide you the most current information possible from verified databases.

  • On the meal page, tap on - to remove the food entry

  • We encourage recording food entries on time. This is so that your information may be as accurate as possible. We also encourage you to make it a habit for you to key in on time as you consume each meal, to hold your selves accountable. The app will send out timely reminders if you have not yet logged food for a particular meal. If you miss out an entry, do not worry. Just remember to key it accurately the day after.

    Secondly, consume meals and snacks that you are able to identify its ingredients and key in the details of each ingredient. For example: instead of keying in a chicken wrap as one entry, key in 1 tortilla wrap + 4 chicken salami slices + 2 cheese slices and so on.

  • We recommend an average of 8 glasses a day (1 glass= 250ml). Do note that individual water requirements vary depending on how active you are. If there is an increase in physical activity and/or sweating, you can drink more water.

  • With each pregnancy comes different requirements, therefore we recommend to consult your doctor and use this app as a guide. We do not recommend a weight loss regime for pregnant women.

    • To enter the food entries, click on the search box. Not the request
    • Difficulty connecting with band after 1 device
    • The loading symbol of the watch
    • Error on page
    • Points not showing
  • We don't push our users to engage in strenuous activities as we understand the time constraints that come with the corporate life. Instead, our focus is to encourage increase in simply the number of steps a day to reap significant health benefits.

  • The app will remind you when it is time to update your weight but do ensure weighing yourself with the same controlled factors. Ensure checking your weight in the morning before breakfast, measure at the same day and time the next week. Keep in mind that body weight can change daily due to water fluctuations.

  • Go to the insights page and check accordingly on the day, week or month tab to check your progress over time.




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